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Download the amazing TZ-Software "screen burner" here, with true fire simulation.

What do you find here?

  • PocketDB is a highly optimized database application for both the PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac's (Apple macOS) and a mobile devices running Windows Mobile 61 and Apple iOS.
    The key feature of PockedDB is to create, maintain and share databases between PC (Mac) and a mobile device. The databases are kept amazingly small in size and while access speed is unbelievable fast on a mobile device. Get it now!
  • Special software, that I have developed for my business partners for download.
  • Some freeware applications, out of my private software collection for download.
  • Other commercial software products like 4B (the business basic development environment) or TimeMe (the PC based time management and logging system).

Some of this applications are freeware. Follow the link products to find out more.

Where can I help you?

I have successfully completed many full custom software projects. If you need specific software for macOS / Linux / UNIX / Windows / iOS that is not available yet of the shelf, get in touch through my coordinates below.

Contact Information

Feel free to write to me.

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