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The legacy software AudioBase is a database system. It is designed to store media information of audio or video storage media like MCs, CDs, MDs etc..

You can download a full version here.

Key Features

  • Fast database access.
  • Open source file structure.
  • Media and track splitting, editing, deletion and insertion.
  • Outstanding printing capability supporting label printing for CDs, LPs, MDs etc.
  • Printing support for media lists.
  • Supplementary media information storage like song text or band information.
  • Cumulative track time counting.
  • Search and sort functions.
  • Easy to use no frills user interface.
  • Copy and paste of media and track data.
  • Find more general information in the product overview page of the online help.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft(r) Windows 2000 and higher.


This version of AudioBase is freeware and freely distributable. Further versions may require registering. Enjoy it.


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