TZ-Software has a few products which are market as ready to use packages, however the major competence is customer specific Software:

  • Crossplatform applications for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Windows Mobile.
  • Crossplatform character based utilities.
  • Business software running under PRO/5.
  • Mixed problem software, where knowledge is needed in different areas of software engineering.

PocketDB - the worlds fasted encrypting mobile Database

PocketDB is a highly optimized database application for both the PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac's (Apple macOS) and a mobile devices running Windows Mobile 61 and Apple iOS.
The key feature of PockedDB is to create, maintain and share databases between PC (Mac) and a mobile device. The databases are kept amazingly small in size and while access speed is unbelievable fast on a mobile device. Find out more.


The legacy software AudioBase is a database system. It is designed to store media information of audio or video storage media like MCs, CDs, MDs etc..
AudioBase offers outstanding label printing capabilities. Find out more.


Do you log the attendance time of your employees? Do you spend a huge amount of money in software and infrastructure dealing with? Why don't you change the way of logging. Let your employees do the job! Use TimeMe and save money. Find out more.


Funny screen saver configurable for your own company to be delivered to your customers. It shows a true simulated fire (no video, no animated GIF) burning out of your company logo. Find out more.

1) No longer maintained legacy function