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! IMPORTANT Information for Mac Users ! The Mac Version got the wrong product ID in the last release and will now try to load updates for Windows, instead for Mac. Please install the newest Mac Version below in order to fix this issue.

Watch tutorials here.

Download the latest demo1 version (free full license for iOS users).

  • V3.0.5: Windows version English and German setup dialog (includes Windows Mobile 6 version): Download
  • V3.0.4r2: MAC OS X version English and German setup dialog: Download (Mountain Lion users, please read this Apple article to install the application)
  • V3.0.5: iOS version German/English (for iPAD, iPhone, iPod): Download
  • V3.0.4: Linux version German/English: On request

Feature presentation:

  • ULTRA FAST mobile Database
  • Optional STRONG DATA ENCRYPTION to secure you data
  • FREE APPs for your Windows PC and Apple MAC
  • SYNCHRONIZE CHANGES between PC and mobile device
  • IMPORT from Directory Services, CSV files and Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Maintain HUGE DATABASES on your mobile device

PocketDB is a highly optimized database multi platform application for both the PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7), Mac's (Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and Mountain Lion) and a mobile devices running Windows Mobile 6 and Apple iOS 4.

The key feature of PockedDB is to create, maintain and synchronize databases between PC (Mac) and a mobile device. The databases are kept amazingly small in size and while access speed is unbelievable fast on a mobile device.

It is ideally suited to:

  • Safely store you passwords.
  • Freely define and store information about your private contacts that standard contact apps don't allow.
  • Import a huge calorie table if you want to loose weight.
  • Maintain your daily track record if are a runner.
  • Keep confidentiality over all your cases, the related clients address, notes and next steps if you are a lawyer.
  • Keep track of treatments of if you are a veterinarian.
  • Store all the employees records if you are with a big company.
  • Store details of IT equipment with you if you are an administrator.
  • Have your portfolio and article list with you if you are a sales man.
  • Have the important details of contracts with you if you work for an insurance company.

The feature set includes:

  • Minimum size databases.
  • Import from LDAP based Public Directory Services, like Microsoft Active Directories.
  • Import from Outlook address lists and contacts.
  • Import from Microsoft Exchange corporate directories and address lists.
  • Import and export to and from CSV (comma-separated value) files.
  • Record fine synchronization between PC and mobile device.
  • Database encryption to support secret data sets like a personal password and account database.
  • Sorting and search.
  • Multi line fields.
  • Initiating phone calls and SMS by selection of phone number entries.
  • Initiating e-mail by selection of e-mail entries.
  • Recovery of overwritten or deleted entries.
  • Files used on the PC are 100% compatible (no transformation necessary) to the version of the mobile device.
  • Available software updates are shown and can be downloaded automatically.

Technical Specification:

  • It allows 255 fields per record.
  • A field name can have maximum 255 characters.
  • Field content can have maximum 255 bytes.
  • Database file size can be maximum 2 GByte.

PocketDB should run on:


  • All versions of Microsoft Windows XP SP1.
  • All versions of Microsoft Vista.
  • All versions of Microsoft Windows 7.
  • If you want to sync with a Microsoft Windows Mobile 5/6 device:
    • ActiveSync version 4.2 or higher is required for XP.
    • Windows Mobile Device Center for Vista and Windows 7.
  • If you want to sync with an Apple iOS device:
    • iTunes or
    • Apple Bonjour


  • All versions of Mac OS X Leopard
  • All versions of Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • All versions of Mac OS X Lion
  • All versions of Mac OX X Mountain Lion (please allow unsigned apps to start from the internet)
  • iTunes or Apple Bonjour to sync with an Apple iOS device.
  • On the Mac sync with a Windows Mobile Device is currently not supported.

Windows Mobile:

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6. Based on Windows CE 5.0.
  • It will not run on Window Mobile Phone 7 or later, since this is totally different operating system and Microsoft has decided to discontinue support of legacy applications.


  • iPhone, iPod with iOS 4.2 or higher.
  • iPad with iOS 4.2 or higher.


  • Linux versions are on request for companies.

Important: If you have already PocketDB in use and your version is < (check with the About box) you must apply the steps below before you upgrade to the new version:

  1. Synchronize all databases with the mobile device.
  2. First delete with the current version of PocketDB all passwords that are assigned to databases (decrypt). To do this, open the encrypted database, enter the correct password and select in the menu [tools]/[Apply/change password...]. Enter again the current password and press [delete password]. Do this for every encrypted (password protected) database.
  3. Backup all existing databases.
  4. Convert all existing databases with the small command line tool you can download here to the newer version. To do this. Store the tool in the same directory you have all the databases. Open a command window under Windows with [start button]/]run] and enter "cmd" in the textbox, go to the directory you have your databases. For each database file name enter pocketdb_p002 –f [database file name].
  5. Update to the new software version of PocketDB.
  6. Update the version on the mobile device.
  7. Encrypt all previously decrypted Databases.
  8. Perform a file based synchronization with the mobile device.

How to get a license for PC (Mac) version?

  • The PocketDB application for Windows Mobile 6 based devices is free if you have purchased a PC (Mac) version through ShareIT (see below).
  • The PocketDB application for PC (Mac) is free if you have purchased an iOS version in the Apple App-Store.


Description (click on Product to order) Art.-Nr. Price
PocketDB 3.0.4 (PC, MAC, Windows Mobile), ShareIT 13307.0.0.5 29.75 €
PocketDB 3.0.4 (PC, MAC, Apple iOS) 13307.2.0.5 7.99 €

1) Limitations of unregistered copies

Unregistered copies of PocketDB are fully functional for a 30 days evaluation period on both the PC (Mac). This is to ensure all the features of PocketDB can be evaluated thoroughly. The PC (Mac) version will inform about the remaining evaluation period during start-up. Information about the steps necessary to register is displayed within the main if no database is open

After the evaluation period the PocketDB PC version will nag you with a reminding message box during start-up background image that will not disappear anymore, even a database is open. In addition the following features are not available:

  • Import from Outlook address lists and contacts.
  • Import from Microsoft Exchange corporate directories and address lists.
  • Import from LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol) servers, like Microsoft Active Directories.
  • Import and export to and from CSV (comma-separated value) files.
  • Record fine synchronization.